November 15, 2007

My own color philisophy!
I'm quite certain that many of you wont agree with me after you read this text but hey thats just what I think.
Colors are wounderful, they have the ability to bring out diferent emotions and filings in us. But do we realy see them and if we do, does all of us see them in the same way? I was often wondering if the person sitting next to me sees the colour of the gras the same way as I do? Or is his green diferent than mine and he ony sais it's green because he was taught that the color and diferent shades that he sees of it are green (light, dark, olive...), or is his green realy blue, well I will never find out will I, unles I have a chance to look thrue his eyes.
More of it mabey next time.

October 26, 2007


When did I start to use the Internet?

O.K. this is how my Internet story started, I've herd of it allot sooner that I actually started to use it, my first posts were on mIRC (chat room) but all I knew back then was which button to push on desktop to get to my chat room. Soon after it was clear to me that my current knowledge wasn't enough, with some help from other chatters I started to surf, mainly because it was fun and with no purpose whatsoever. I can't remember how I got my first e-mail, but it was on Yahoo, it is still there as an alternative and for gathering trash mails.

My knowledge really expanded when I needed information about my hobbies, that is how I stumbled across forums. As the years past by my skills developed with a lot of help from e-mails, chat rooms, forums, blogs and other. With Internet I gained a lot of good friends and quality information in all kinds of areas.

I'm still learning, every day with every single click of the mouse.

October 15, 2007

I have a quiz question for all of you who are willing to answer; OK let's go:
(I of course know it)

Which plant is shown in the picture above and what does it do?

October 12, 2007

about me

Hi, I´m Maja, I like to do lots of fun things like taking care of farm and exotic animals, horseback riding, carriage driving and gardening. So do contact me and we´ll chat ;)