October 15, 2007

I have a quiz question for all of you who are willing to answer; OK let's go:
(I of course know it)

Which plant is shown in the picture above and what does it do?


doris3m said...

Hi, Maja! a warm hug from Venezuela. Well, your question about the plant... I don-t know the name but I know that it eats little insects... we got this kind of plants in our rain forest. i-ll keep posted to check on the name of the plant... maybe somebody else knows the name.

Keep on shining and blogging!

pikec85 said...

yes, this is a plant who is eating flies and mosquitos. one of them fell off my room-mate's window some weeks ago.

Maja said...

Yes, the plant is called Dionaea Muscipula, and is one of the most known and attractive carnivorous plants. As other carnivorous plants it adapted itself to it's environment by capturing and digesting flies and other small insects with a goal to gain important minerals and vitamins which it doesn't get from soil.