November 15, 2007

My own color philisophy!
I'm quite certain that many of you wont agree with me after you read this text but hey thats just what I think.
Colors are wounderful, they have the ability to bring out diferent emotions and filings in us. But do we realy see them and if we do, does all of us see them in the same way? I was often wondering if the person sitting next to me sees the colour of the gras the same way as I do? Or is his green diferent than mine and he ony sais it's green because he was taught that the color and diferent shades that he sees of it are green (light, dark, olive...), or is his green realy blue, well I will never find out will I, unles I have a chance to look thrue his eyes.
More of it mabey next time.

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simonaca said...

I agree with you abaut coulr